All of the staff at Water Mill welcome you to our school.

Head Teacher


Mrs P Rudd (DSL)
Deputy Head Teacher


Mr M Hill (DSL)
Assistant Head Teacher SENCO)


Mrs C Hoye (DSL)


Reception Teacher


Mrs Suglani
Reception Teaching Assistants


Mrs McMahon
Year 1 Teachers


Mrs Chawdary  / Mrs McHale
Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Dean
Year 2 Teacher


Miss Linden
Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Mclean
Year 3 Teachers


Mrs Hollis / Mrs Baines / Mrs Howard/Mrs Hoye
Year 3 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Bajwa
Year 4 Teacher


Mr Wistow
Year 4 Teaching Assistants


Miss James  / Mrs Murdoch
Year 5 Teacher


Mrs Verhofstad
Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Miss Glen
Year 6 Teachers


Miss Corless / Mr Hill
Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Mrs O’Reilly
SEN / EAL Teaching Assistant


Mrs Maguire
PPA Teacher


Mrs McHale
Breakfast and After School Club Staff Mrs Bajwa (DSL)

Mrs Maguire

Dr Johnson



Office Manager


Mrs Culwick
Clerical Assistants


Mrs Griffiths / Mrs Bushell
Site Manager


Mr Murphy
General Assistant


Miss Armstrong


Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Maguire / Mrs McMahon / Dr Johnson

Mrs Wooldridge / Miss Armstrong


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