All of the staff at Water Mill welcome you to our school.

Head Teacher


Mrs P Rudd (DSL)
Deputy Head Teacher


Mr M Hill (DSL)
Assistant Head Teacher SENCO)


Mrs C Hoye (DSL)


Reception Teacher


Mrs Suglani
Reception Teaching Assistants


Mrs McMahon
Year 1 Teachers


Mrs Chawdary  / Mrs Hoye
Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Dean
Year 2 Teacher


Miss Linden
Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Mclean
Year 3 Teachers


Mrs Hollis / Mrs Baines / Mrs Howard
Year 3 Teaching Assistant


Miss James
Year 4 Teacher


Mr Wistow
Year 4 Teaching Assistants


Mrs Bajwa (DSL) / Mrs Murdoch
Year 5 Teacher


Mrs Verhofstad
Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Miss Glen
Year 6 Teachers


Miss Corless / Mr Hill
Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Mrs O’Reilly
SEN / EAL Teaching Assistant


Mrs Maguire
PPA Teacher


Mrs McHale
Breakfast and After School Club Staff Mrs Bajwa (DSL)

Mrs Maguire

Miss James

Dr Johnson



Office Manager


Mrs Culwick
Clerical Assistants


Mrs Griffiths / Mrs Bushell
Site Manager


Mr Murphy
General Assistant


Miss Armstrong


Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Maguire / Mrs McMahon / Mrs Alrehani

Mrs Wooldridge / Miss Armstrong


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