End of Reception





By the end of their year in Reception we expect the children:



  • To be able to blend words/sounds when reading
  • To be able to read words from Reception word list
  • To know that letters make words and have meaning
  • To have had experience of a wide range of texts (books, comics, signs, labels, electronic texts etc)
  • To be able to use a wide range of reading strategies including phonic, picture and context clues
  • To begin to distinguish between upper case and lower case letters
  • To be able to form letters correctly, with left to right orientation
  • To be familiar with book layout
  • To be able to talk about familiar events, stories and experiences
  • To be able to sit and listen for a sustained period of time eg listen to a story or instructions



  • To have experience of matching, ordering and sorting numbers to at least 20
  • To be able to recognize and correctly form numerals to at least 20
  • To begin to count and recognize numbers to at least 20
  • To have had practical experience of addition and subtraction to 20 and begin to record
  • To have access to visual representation of numbers to 100
  • To be able to use simple mathematical vocabulary
  • To be able to explain simple strategies
  • To be familiar with a range of mathematical equipment
  • To have experience of handling and naming coins
  • To have had experience of sorting and recording information in various ways
  • To know the chronology of days of the week and have some awareness of the months
  • To have some awareness of time
  • To know the names of some 2D and 3D shapes




SCIENCE (Understanding of the World)

  • To have experience of classifying and sorting
  • To have experience of a wide range of science equipment and activities
  • To have experiences recording observations


ICT (Understanding of the World – Technology)

  • To have had experience of using a mouse and keyboard on the computer
  • To have had experience with using laptops, ipads etc
  • To be able to talk about technology used in their home eg phones, washing machine, on/off buttons etc

General knowledge and skills

  • To be able to dress independently
  • To be able to select and put away basic classroom equipment
  • To be able to work in a small group
  • To be able to work with a partner
  • To be able to follow instructions confidently
  • To be able to convey their personal needs to the teacher



General information for parents

  • The knowledge and skills set out above are a guide to help you understand what we are working towards by the end of Reception.
  • It is by no means an exhaustive list – the children will cover a wide and varied curriculum this year.
  • Children learn at different levels and at different rates.  Some children will exceed these expectations and some will still be working towards these by the end of Reception.  Teachers adapt the curriculum for individual needs.
  • You will be invited to meetings and receive information every term which will give more detail about themes covered throughout the school year.  This will help you to support your child as he/she learns.
  • Teachers will be happy to talk to you about how you can support your child’s learning.  You can use the ‘drop in’ sessions on a Wednesday morning or make an appointment by phoning the school.



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