Adverse Weather Conditions




School will remain open whenever possible.  If the Local Authority decides to close all schools or if we have a heating problem or similar closure we have a parent texting system where parents receive messages. Please ensure we have up to date phone numbers.

School closures are also announced on Local Radio between 7:00 and 8:30 a.m.  If you are unsure whether school will be open please listen to BRMB (94.6 FM),  BBC Radio WM (95.6 FM) or Heart FM (100.7 FM)

Children should come to school in boots or wellies in bad weather and bring a pair of light shoes to change in to.

In snowy weather for health & safety reasons we do not allow sliding or throwing of snowballs because if children fall or get covered in snow they are then wet and uncomfortable throughout the day.  Where possible, if children have suitable footwear, they go outside to enjoy the snow for at least a part of lunchtime and playtimes.

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