What Your Year 1 children will need each day

Item Day /s Details
PE kit needed everyday Include shorts, t-shirt, jumper, pumps or trainers,trousers and a jumper in a bag named (not a carrier bag)
Dinner money Monday cheques payable to Education Catering
Book bags everyday only books to be carried in them
After school club everyday apart from the last daybefore a holiday To be booked in advance, phone school for details
Reading everyday Please read to and encourage your child to read a little each day.
Drop in sessions Monday 9.10-9.25am Please make an appointment with the office to check staff are available.
Swimming Kit Wednesday Your child will be informed when they need their swim kit. They need a bag for their kit, a towel, long hair tied back, no jewellery. Girls need a one piece costume. Boys need short trunks.

Ways to support your child

 Reading with them and sharing stories, discussing stories and what has happened.

Read every evening with your child, please fill in their reading record book

Help your child learn their weekly spellings

Sentence structure – talking in proper sentences/ reading and talking about it.Writing in sentences.

Counting in 10′s and adding /subtracting 10′s

Games on BBC, Purple Mash

Playing games (e.g. board games / card games)

Take them to the library

Take them swimming

Enhance their knowledge and experience by taking them to local places of interest like museums, country parks, castles etc.

Take them shopping so they can use money and find prices

Telling the time


To view further information about what children are expected to learn by the end of Year 1 please click here.

Please bear in mind these are generalisations for children of this age,  some will be working towards them and some may have exceeded them by the end of the year.

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