The Governing Body


Name Role Appointed Term of office finishes
Paula Rudd Headteacher N/A
David Taylor (Chair) Co-opted 04.12.14 03.12.18
Pat Finney Co-opted 04.12.14 03.12.18
Steve Pratt Co-opted 04.12.14 03.12.18
Janine Corless Staff (voted on) 29.09.17 28/09/2021
Esther Oppenheim Co-opted 04.12.14 03.12.18
Damian Johnson Parent (voted on) 06.07.16 05.07.20
Gail Joyce Co-opted 16.02.17 15.02.21
Sue Dyson Co-opted 05.01.15 04.01.19

Membership – As per the Instrument of Government

 Disqualification – as per Regulation 20 and Schedule 6 of the Constitution Regulations

What the GB does and how it works

helps plan how the school moves forward

make decisions on staffing and budget

ensure the National Curriculum is taught

ensure that the school provides for all pupils

decide how to provide for pupils well being and development as well rounded individuals

What it involves

Being a governor does not require special qualifications or a great deal of knowledge about education initially, this can be developed over time. It requires a willingness to support the school and a commitment to seeing it continue to be a successful school for it’s pupils. The governing body work together to aid in the running of the school supporting the Head Teacher who is responsible for the day to day running of the school.  Governors commit themselves to between 2 and 5 meetings a term.


For more information on our Governing Body please click the links below

Structure of Governing Body and Committees

Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests

Attendance Record



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