Welcome to our School Council and ECO Council Webpage


Water Mill Primary School has a very active School Council. We are elected by our peers to share ideas about school development and activities that will help to improve our learning. We meet every week to discuss ideas and then share these with our classes. We also help to plan events such as charity events and special days.

We are helping to improve our school by discussing our ‘Children’s Self Evaluation Report’ that all classes completed. We are in discussion with Mrs Rudd to see what actions can be taken to address our action points so that the school can get even better.

Click on the link below to read our evaluation of the school and our learning.

 Children’s Evaluation of Water Mill School 2018


Eco Council

Eco Council do a variety of things to help our schools environment. We also go around the school, checking that the classes save electricity and put paper into the paper recycling.

We’ve had an Eco Assembly, teaching the children of Water Mill about how to look after their environment both in school and at home. Some children from both Eco and School Council had the pleasure of doing an experiment with Dr Xand (a character from Operation Ouch!) and they were even filmed. This was filmed last November and was show on TV quite recently.

We also held an assembly about helping the environment by collecting used batteries for recycling. Earlier this month we had a visit from the ‘WE Charity’ and are going to use their information to start a project for the whole school to join in.

We are looking forward to doing more activities in the future.

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