Democracy Day 2017

Democracy Day is a new event that was introduced this year.

Every class learns all about what democracy means; however in Year 6 as a culmination of their studies have a Democracy Day. They spend the day completing lots of activities about democracy including;

  • The history of democracy in the UK and across the world
  • What democracy actually means and how it is applied in this country
  • All about the voting system in this country
  • Elections and politics in the UK

We also have a visit from local MP’s and councillors. This year we were visited by MP Steve McCabe who told us what it is like to be an MP and what he has to do.

Finally we all sit down to a three course meal and debate questions relating to democracy whilst we eat. This year we debated lowering the voting age to 16, if we live in a democracy and if we would like to be elected as an MP. We had some very sensible ideas and answers to these questions and after much discussion we decided that the majority of us did not think the voting age should be lowered, that we do live in a democracy and that we would not want to  be an MP. So it looks like Water Mill will not be represented in the House of Commons yet!

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