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COVID-19 Information

We have introduced this new page to bring together information and advice relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 
Included on this page will be general information and information about expectations and health and safety for pupils returning to school.


We have been conducting regular risk assessments to ensure that everything is as safe as possible for your children. Below is a simple version of our main risk assessment:

Please email the school office if you would like a copy of our full risk assessment.


Please read the document below which gives a guide to what you should do if your child or a member of your household has Covid like symptoms.

Please note the government has now changed the isolation period for those advised to isolate to 10 days, not 14 days. (December 2020)

The following websites have lots of information and advice relating to COVID-19:


The following also give advice and support:

Water Mill COVID-19 Control Measures

Return to school - updated 6th January 2021


The Government has issued instructions about the January start of term, about how return to education will work and the steps that schools must take to ensure the safety of pupils, staff and families. The school has completed a risk assessment and considered all actions that we need to take so that we are following these guidelines. A summary of this risk assessment is on the website. A full copy can be requested, a charge will be made for photocopying.


These actions apply until government restrictions are lifted or amended.



Children in school (Key worker and vulnerable pupils)

1. All keyworker and vulnerable pupils have been offered a place in school.

2. These children have been placed into 'Family groups'. There is one Early Years and KS1 group and 2 KS2 groups with a maximum limit of 15 children.

3. KS2 family groups will start school at 8.45am and EY/KS1 family group at 8.55am. All children should be dropped off at the school gate. Parents are requested to not enter the playground.

4. The groups will be kept separate during the day and will not mix. They will use sanitising gel each time they enter or leave the school/classroom. Only one child will be allowed into toilets at a time and they will be supervised to ensure hand washing takes place. 

5. We will be cleaning all areas of the school more frequently than normal.

6. Staff will wear masks in communal areas. Some may choose to wear masks in classrooms.

7. EY/KS1 family group will finish school as 3.10pm, KS2 groups will finish at 3.20pm.


We will use the car park gate for entry and exiting the school as it is wider to allow for social distancing. We ask that all pupils arrive at their allocated time. Parents will not be allowed into the playground when dropping off the children.


Only one parent is allowed into the playground to collect their child from school. Please be aware of social distancing guidelines when waiting outside the school gates or in the playground. All parents must wear a mask when on the playground. If you are exempt from wearing a mask then you must produce evidence for this. If you are not wearing a mask, and are not exempt, then you will not be allowed on the playground.


Please leave the playground as soon as you have picked up your child/children.


If you have children in different year groups then you will be allowed to wait on the playground to pick them up. All children should stay with their parents while waiting for older brothers or sisters. They must not be allowed to run around or to play on equipment.


A reminder that parents are not allowed to park or drop off in the turning area outside of the school gate. This will be especially important this term because of those waiting to go into school.


Lunchtimes and break times will be held at different times so that groups can be kept apart. School dinners will be served as normal, however only two groups will be allowed in the hall at one time and they will be kept apart.


The children will be required to wear school uniform. On days that they are having PE they should wear their PE kit to school. Please name all clothes as we will not have a lost property box this term, unnamed clothes will be stored until COVID restrictions are changed. Can parents please make sure that children wear clothes that they can change themselves, especially do not let children wear shoes with laces if they can't do them up themselves.


Homework and reading books will come home.


There will be no swimming until further notice.


Before and after school club will be open as usual, however both will be held in the school hall and must be pre-booked and paid for. It will not be possible to turn up on the day without booking unless there is an emergency.


We will no longer be taking cash payments. Any dinner money/trip money etc must be paid through School Money, our online payments system.


There will be no whole school assemblies, parent workshops, or parent meetings until further notice. We hope that the restrictions on these will be lifted during the summer term so that we can catch up and welcome you back in. We will have virtual meetings throughout the period and we will let you know by text or email when these will be.


We ask that you avoid visiting the school office. They can be contacted by telephone or email and are always quick to answer. A member of the senior leadership team will be in the playground at the start and end of each day should you need to speak to someone.


If your child is ill they must not come to school. If COVID is suspected then they should be taken for a test. If there is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID in your household then your child must not come to school until isolation is complete.


If you are planning a holiday during an end of term break please be aware that for some countries your household will need to isolate for 14 days upon return.


If your child is ill whilst in school we will request you to collect them. If it is a suspected case of COVID they should be taken for a test and should not return to school until the outcome is known. If there is a confirmed case of COVID in your child's class then all children in that class will be required to stay at home and isolate.


We will be cleaning the school more frequently and encouraging regular hand washing and hygiene practices.


Within a class children will not be required to social distance. They will be sitting next to other children in their class and will be playing with them in the playground.


These measures will be reviewed regularly to ensure that all measures are being effective in keeping children and adults safe. We will keep you informed if anything changes.


If you have any questions about these procedures please get in touch via the school office.


Children learning from home:

1. Children learning from home will be sent log on information for Google Classroom and for online learning resources.

2. Each morning the class teacher will log on to Google Classroom to register all children and to talk to their class about the learning for the day.

3. The children will have a timetable of work to complete (roughly 5 hours of work) for each day.

4. Children can email snap shots or copies of their finished work to their class teacher.

5. Throughout the week there will be mini quizzes and assessments to complete to show understanding of the tasks completed. These should be emailed to the class teacher.

6. Teachers will feedback to the children about the work completed during weekly afternoon sessions on Google Classroom.

7. If a child is not attending the morning registration session and/or is not completing the tasks then parents will be contacted to question why.

8. The work will either be paper based or online. Anyone without internet access can have paper copies.

9. The work will be updated weekly and will be based upon what the children are completing in school and the school curriculum. (all curriculum plans are available on the website)

10. We are happy for you to supplement the children's learning with other resources as long as they are also completing the work supplied by the teacher.


If you have any difficulty with accessing the work set then please contact the class teacher via the school office telephone number. Any difficulty with the actual work set can be discussed with the class teacher during the daily registration meeting or the weekly feedback sessions.


Please ensure that your child is completing the activities set. If they are not then we reserve the right to ask that they attend school in person instead.


If your child is entitled to free school meals and is not in school then they will be entitled to a weekly 'hamper'. Please let the office know if you are in receipt of free school meals and would like a hamper. At this time we do not know if the government will be issuing vouchers.


If you have any questions or concerns then you can contact the school office and your questions will be passed on to the relevant member of staff.


Thank you for your support. Keep safe everyone.


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