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Schools opening FAQ's

I have decided I do not want my child to return yet but what happens if I change my mind?

Currently we have decided that the maximum number we can have in a group is 10 and as we only have 7 rooms this means the maximum number of children we can have is 70, this includes key worker children and vulnerable children. If we have more children wanting to attend than we have space for then we will either have to only offer part time or not allow any new children to attend. If the government changes their guidelines then this may change what we are able to offer. We also want to keep the family groups as stable as possible so that we are not risking the health and safety of pupils and staff.

Can I meet with a member of staff?

We want to keep meetings with people not from our school to a minimum therefore only urgent meetings will be held. The school office will be closed to external visitors so if you need to talk to a member of staff then please ring or email. Contact details are on the website.
What happens if my child is ill?

If your child is ill at home then you should keep your child at home until they are better or for the time specified in our Infection Control Policy (see COVID-19 page). If they are ill in school we will contact you to collect them and keep them at home for the period specified in the policy.
A member of my household is shielding. Should I send my child to school?

We advise you to read information on the NHS website for advice in relation to those shielding. There is a link on our COVID-19 page. However the school would need to be told do that we are aware that this is the case.

My child is classed as vulnerable. Can he come to school?

As with the above question, check the NHS website but again the school must be told so that we are aware of this.

Will breakfast and after school club be open?

No. We will not be offering breakfast and after school provision until further notice.

When will other year groups be coming back?

We do not know when other year groups will be coming back, the government has not announced this yet.

I am a key worker can my child attend school?

Yes. Children of key workers can attend.

My child has an EHCP can she attend?

Yes. Children with an EHCP and vulnerable children are allowed to attend.
Will my child be able to have a school dinner?

Yes. These will be free for children entitled to a free school meal and for all children in Reception and Year 1. You can choose to send in a packed lunch.

Will I still receive vouchers if I am entitled to them?

If your child is not attending school then you will still receive a voucher. If your child is attending school you will not receive a voucher.

Will I be fined if I do not send my child to school?

No. The government has said you will not be fined.

Will you still be sending out home learning packs?

Yes we will still send out packs for all classes.

What if a child or member of staff in school is ill?

If a child in school is ill with suspected COVID 19 they will be isolated and parents called to take them home. If COVID is confirmed then all of the children and adults in that group will be asked to isolate for 14 days.

For any other illness the normal infection control will apply.

Will my child wear PPE or a face mask?

No. We are not asking children to wear a face mask as it would be unsafe for them to do so. Some staff might wear face masks. 

Has the school completed a risk assessment about pupils coming back to school?

Yes we have completed the Birmingham City Council risk assessment and our own. 

Can you guarantee that my children will be safe and will not catch COVID 19 if they come back to school?

We have put measures in place to ensure that, as far as possible, pupils, staff and their families will be safe; however we can not guarantee this.

Will my child miss important work if they do not come back to school?

Pupils in school will be doing similar work to those at home. But they will miss seeing their friends and staff and the support staff can give them.

Can my child bring in their own pencil case and equipment?

No. Only equipment in school can be used.

Does my child have to wear school uniform if they come back?

No. We are advising pupils not to wear uniform so that clothes can be washed each day.

I am still unsure, should I send my child back?

Only you can decide this. The government is encouraging all those eligible to return. However if you decide not to now, then there may not be a space later.


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